03 July 2012

Ruzyne airport for the first time

Ruzyne, Tuesday, 1:40 a.m., waiting before leaving. 

With my little nasty stupid netbook in hands. And sorry, with Starbucks cliche ;).
Summer holidays has finally started. At five o'clock I should be in Valencia (I hope so). I love flying but I'm afraid of the way holiday home through the city by taxi..morning report.
And then Norway, Italy, Greece. but without my beloved V. - wrong but I believe, I always survive and that I will write as often as possible at least short quick posts. Meanwhile you can stalk me here for more.

Spain, Valencia, edit 1:57 p.m.:  Living in a small white house on the Spanish coast, waves splashing my terrace. Next 3 days and 2 nights - getting new contacts, sunbathing, swimming, diving, evening beach parties, potentially surfing and building sand castles, ha ha...
And I want to take pictures with my SLR, but I have a bad lens, so hopefully some pics after return.
Finally morning wasn't so bad, my Spanish isn't so impossibly wrong, next year certainly again. With V.
 Good night and amazing holidays, friends ;*
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